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How to use our Key Data Grabbing Service
Posted by Les
Asked on 02/18/2023 18:39
Classic Rides Key Data Grabbing Service. When using our service please follow these instructions.  To use the grabber slide the power switch on the side to the ON position.  The Green / Blue LED will start to Blink.  Take your Remote and press either button near to the recorder.  Once the grabber has received a good signal the LED will stay steady for a couple of seconds.  Store about 6 codes (Pressed 6 times with steady LED).  Please remember to now switch the unit off when you have finished storing your codes.  Using the block with the Grabber slide the key in and take and send 2 Pictures to either our main mobile number or email address, ( Please wait for us to confirm that the pictures are clear enough for the machine to read for cutting.  Once pictures are confirmed package up and return.
Posted by Les
Answered On 02/18/2023 18:39