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syncing my key
Posted by Les
Asked on 02/17/2023 19:50
In order to enter Active Resynchronisation Mode: 1. Stand close to the car. 2. Press and hold the Unlock button down. 3. Whilst still holding the Unlock button, press the Lock button 3 times. 4. Then release both the Unlock button and the lock button together at the end of the 3rd press. Make sure that the remote is kept near to the vehicle, as the remote is now transmitting all permutations of the rolling code for that particular vehicle. This process can take up to 5 minutes please use a watch or timer as 2 minutes can feel like 5 minutes. When the car starts to respond to the data from the remote, ie the the central locking rolls press either button on the remote, and hold for a second. The remote will retain the last rolling code sent, and will revert to normal operation. After about 5 minutes, the remote will have tried all permutations of rolling code, at this point the operation will time out, and the remote will revert to normal operation.
Posted by Les
Answered On 02/17/2023 20:02